DIY Guide to Specialty Moving

When guests come over to your home they admire the oil painting above the fireplace. They even notice the large mirror as they enter your home, big enough for them to check their hair. And the large bar looks like this is the place to throw a great party.

Now, all that stuff has to be moved. Good luck with that.

Moving clothes is easy. And don’t even get me started on packing up dishes. But there is a few items everyone has that moving can be a pain — literally.

No one wants to break anything that they love. So this is where movers will play a big role in your life. They know how to get things moved in one piece.

One of the hardest things to move is anything that breaks easy. Moving a large mirror is daunting. While the mirror itself is heavy, how do you transport something that breaks with any sudden movement?

It is here that you will find out that bubble wrap is your friend. Any home goods store will have what you need. The key is to wrap the mirror so nothing else will break it.

But that’s just the start of this process. Here is a DIY guide to getting your house ready for the big move. And yes, those popcorn peanuts may sound yummy, but they are not.



Everyone has pictures and mirrors in their home. But moving those items that have glass can be some of the hardest things to do. Before you even start to take anything off the walls, you should go online and order some moving boxes made for art and pictures. A simple shopping online search will give you plenty of places to pick from. And prices will range from $30 to $70 depending on how large of a moving box for pictures you will need.

To move the actual items, you will want to hire the best art movers San Francisco has to offer. No sense of packing all this and then having it break during the move.

But moving pictures may not be the hardest thing to get out of the house. There is that special chandelier that you may want to take as well. With so many things that can get broken you will want to find chandelier boxes for moving. Depending on the size of the light you will spend between $20 and $55 for a moving box. But this will be worth it when you hook up your light at your new place and it still works. Remember, most of those pieces on the light will be hard to replace if they are broken.



There is nothing more fun in the world of moving than having a million packing peanuts all over your house. They will get everywhere.

The first thing to remember is that any movement can break items, so this is where the packing peanut is your new best friend. After you get the item packed you will want to stuff the outer part with packing peanuts. This way the box can be handled. Think of it this way. When you see a package delivery service drop off something at your home they are often throwing the item and moving on quickly.

The packing peanut is the key. When you order a TV there is usually foam packing. But for the DIY person, the peanut is what you need. Just don’t ask the worker at the store for peanuts. You may find yourself with some game day food.

Once you have packed the items that can be broken it will be good to get one more thing. Paper moving pads are some of the best things to save your floor.


If you are moving to or from the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure you hire a trusted and reputable mover. Give us a call at 415-479-5515 or go online to request your free moving quote!


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