Moving Supplies in San Rafael, CA From North Bay Moving & Storage

Moving Boxes & Supplies From Your Local Full Service Movers in San Rafael, CA

While some movers only load, transport, and unload goods, North Bay Moving & Storage are your local full service movers. This means we do it all. For almost a century, people in and around the North Bay area of California have turned to us for superior moving services, all competitively priced. Instead of feeling stressed about your upcoming residential or commercial move, allow us to help.

In addition to both standard and customized solutions, we offer high-quality moving supplies. That means if you plan to do a self-move, you can buy everything that you need from us, including sturdy boxes, heavy-duty tape, excellent packing material, labels, and more. However, our team of professional movers uses these same moving materials when assisting with your relocation.

Today, finding decent boxes from a local store or in a dumpster behind a business has become increasingly difficult. The reason is that a growing number of companies now recycle. Because of that, they break down boxes and bundle them for pickup by a recycling company. The boxes you do find are usually less than desirable, meaning they have holes, stain, and rips. Even when using quality tape, those defects create a significant risk for the bottoms to fall out, spilling and damaging your goods.


Moving Supplies in San Rafael, CA From Your Local North Bay Movers

A much better option if you decide to self-move is to visit us at North Bay Moving & Storage for superior-quality moving supplies. Along with boxes of varying sizes, including wardrobes for clothes, we offer cartons, perfect for packing more delicate items. We also have different sized record boxes, mirror and artwork cartons, and file boxes. To protect the contents, you can purchase packing paper or pads, as well.

When using our moving services, a qualified team of full service movers does all the work. As part of that, they carefully load, transport, and unload boxes, furniture, and so on. In comparison, when having friends and family help you move, your possessions end up in trucks and cars without much planning and organization. Also, for non-experts, the risk of accidentally dropping a box increases dramatically. For those reasons, using the best supplies possible is essential.


A Company You Can Trust – North Bay Moving and Storage

Whether you decide to have people you know help you move or hire our full service movers to handle the move on your behalf, you will never go wrong with our moving supplies. To protect your belongings, especially delicate pieces, like fine china, framed artwork with glass, statues, and figurines, you never want to skimp on protection. For a free quote on the various supplies we offer or the services that we provide, please contact a company representative today.