Looking for safe and secure storage in San Francisco?

Safe and Secure Storage in San Francisco, CA From North Bay Moving & Storage

San Francisco Storage Units

At North Bay Moving & Storage, we offer many different services. One of those is storage for both residential and commercial goods. Whether you need something temporary or long term, we have the perfect solution. Although there are some restrictions, we can accommodate almost anything that you need to keep offsite. Therefore, if you are looking for San Rafael storage, call North Bay Moving and Storage today.

When it comes to storing possessions at an offsite location, people often worry about protection. After all, if something goes wrong, they are not near the facility to safeguard their goods. The site we maintain is unique. Not only is it clean and organized, it is also incredibly secure. As an industry leader in moving and storage, we understand the concerns people have. In response, we offer a solution that puts them at ease.


Storage Units in San Francisco, CA

Unlike other sites, we have a team that delivers a wooden container to your home or business that is approximately 7 by 7 by 5 feet in diameter. While that should give you enough space, if not, you can rent a second or even a third container. Along with that, our movers use quality moving pads. Depending on the item, they can also shrink-wrap for optimal protection and cleanliness.

After wrapping anything of value and breakable items, like mirrors, leather furniture, lamps, office equipment, and so on, the team places the heavy pieces, boxes, and containers on the bottom. On top of that, they load lighter things. Once loaded, they transport the container back to our San Rafael storage facility, where it remains until needed. For security and to make it easy to find your goods, we offer a locator system.


Innovative Solution From North Bay Moving & Storage by San Francisco, CA

You can use our North Bay Moving & Storage service for just about anything. For example, when having your business renovated or remodeled, you need to have everything out of the way. Our solution allows you to keep goods in a secure place until the contractor completes the job. If you have a novelty business and found quality items at a ridiculous bargain, instead of passing up such a fantastic opportunity, you can buy what you want and then store it.

There are endless possibilities as to how our storage solution can benefit you. Regardless of your situation or the reason you need a place to keep goods, we can help. For a free quote, please contact us at North Bay Moving & Storage today.


Secure Vaulted Storage System

Whether you need storage for just a few days or a few years, we can help. We bring the security vault to your door….no double handling!

Your goods will be placed in large wooden containers approximately 7ft. x 7ft. x 5 ft. We bring these containers right to your home in order to reduce the number of times your furnishings are handled. Large furniture pads are used to wrap and protect all exposed surfaces. Heavier items are placed on the bottom with lighter items on top to fill each container.

We shrink-wrap your couch to keep it clean and protected then place it in its own individual rack inside our secure and bonded warehouse. The containers are brought back to our warehouse where each container is identified in our locator system and stored until you need your possessions.


For professional moving services from one of the top moving companies in San Francisco, CA, call North Bay, your local San Francisco moving and storage company, for more information. Because we are an agent of National Van Lines, we have storage solutions available nationwide.