Moving in the Off-Season

While most people think summertime is the best time to move, there’s a lot to be said for moving in other times of the year. Even though summer has the good weather and the free time (kids are out of school!), moving in the off-season could be the best time for you to move. If moving in the winter or spring could be something that appeals to you, read on to find out if a long-distance move at that time would truly work for you!

  • If you’re selling or buying a home, or finding an available rental for you and your family, sometimes coordinating dates for these things can be complicated. It may not possible to know precisely when your moving dates will be. If moving companies are booked out for several months in advance in the summer, you might be stuck finding a rental for a few months or worse, having to do the move yourself. Off season, like winter or spring, means less competition for housing, and therefore an easier time moving.
  • Even those who schedule their moves months ahead of time  might find that an off-season move works better for them. After all, it can be so frustrating to find the supplies you need for your move—like commonly-sized boxes and bubble wrap—are out of stock repeatedly in the summer. However, in the winter everything for packing is generally available without issue.
  • Movers’ busiest season means that if you don’t book well in advance, you might be out of luck for the dates you want. However, if you plan your move in the off-season, you are much more likely to get your choice of dates and times without issue, since there’s not the “rush hour” of customers needing to move.
  • Moving is an expensive endeavor, for sure. However, you might be able to negotiate a lower price if you’re moving in the off-season. With greater flexibility and availability, your professional movers may be able to work with you for a more reasonable price than in their busiest season. Nothing is guaranteed, but it never hurts to ask.

The best decision is to move at the best time for you. Similar to avoiding crowds on vacation or driving during rush hour, planning an off-season move could decrease the stress that comes with moving to a new home. When you’re ready to move, let North Bay Moving & Storage help you plan the best time! Contact us to find out more! Do you have a piano to move? Check out these tips on moving your piano!