Organized Garage Solutions Marin Moving Guide

Organizing Your Garage After Your Next Move


There is nothing like opening a garage door and seeing everything beautifully organized.

It’s like a hug from your garage.

And there is nothing like trying to find a cooler that has a thousand items stacked on top.

Fun times.


Now that you are researching different movers and will hire the top North Bay mover, why not start your new garage out right.

It only takes a little planning. Then when tailgating season happens and you want to watch your favorite team, you will know exactly where your cooler with the cup holders on top is.

Here are some tips to organize your garage for little money:



There is a space on your home that you refer to as the garage. It also houses all the stuff you don’t know where to put. And perhaps don’t even need anymore.

The one great thing about a move is you can purge things you have not used in more than a year.

It’s time.

No one wants to see your high school trophies anymore. But if you want to keep that, then find a way to place everything so you can find it.

While plastic bins that are labeled are great, they often are stacked on each other and are crammed with so many things you will never find what you are looking for.

So the first step to organizing your garage is to draw a floor plan. The goal here is to keep things off the garage floor and onto shelves.



Take a good look at what you have and what you want to keep. Then figure out how much space you will need to organize your items. In Marin County, garage sales are great way to get rid of unwanted objects before your big move.



There can be some elaborate shelving options out there, but no need to break the bank here. If you are not handy at building your own, there are plenty of easy systems you can get at a store.

The key here is get something you can do, and that will not fall over when stacked full of items. You want to keep the shelves open so you can see where your items are.

There are plenty of complicated systems you can buy for your garage that allows you to put racks anywhere. But be realistic with what you need. If you only need a few shelves, then do that.



One of the easy ways to create more space is get all those bikes off the ground. A simple wall rack for bikes is a way to give you more space.



The key to any organized garage is using the space around you. By adding a few simple shelves, you can get that stuff that was cluttering the space in front of the lawnmower out of the way.

Lawn chairs, tools and that surf board you never use can easily be stored on the wall.

For any dangerous chemicals like gas, make sure they are on a high shelf.

While some systems can cost more than $1,000, start off your organization simple. Add a few shelves on the wall. Start to see how much more you will need. There are plenty of shelving systems that sit on the floor and can be moved.

Also, don’t be afraid to get a bin with wheels that can move around. These are great for sports items.



Where is the screw driver is a common question for anyone. Putting all your tools in one area of the garage is a great idea so you can find what you want quickly. Having a bin or a shelf is a great way to organize this part of your garage. If you want to spend a little money on this, they make great tool drawers that have wheels on the bottom so you can move that anywhere in your home to work on your next project.



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While you’re knee-deep in organizing your garage after your move, you may want to consider other home improvement projects–like installing solar panels!