Questions before moving into a new home in California with your partner

Each day after work you pop over to your partner’s apartment to watch TV and spend the night. Soon, you add a toothbrush to their bathroom and then a few clothing items and realize that paying for two separate places is a giant waste of money. Marriage is talked about, so why not move in with each other?

There is that old saying don’t buy the cow when you are getting the milk for free. But for those moving in with each other with thoughts of marriage, there is the idea that it’s a test run to see if this will work.

A 2019 study by the Center for Disease Control showed that by age 30, three-quarters of women have been married and about half cohabitated outside of marriage.

The study was based on 11,000 women ages 15-44 and found that 20 percent of marriages are over at the five-year mark, while cohabitation is 49% likely to be over at that time. And that increases to 62% by year 10.

The study does show that having success living with a partner also is based on factors like being the child of divorce, income and religion.

So, what does all this mean for those considering moving in together? Well, maybe the old adage is right, but maybe not.

There is the thought that everyone is living with each other these days. Moving in before marriage statistics show 64% of women today have cohabited at some point in their life, according to Psychology Today.

Despite the idea of a test run, the risk of divorce is higher in those who cohabitate first. The odds of divorce are 1.31 times higher for women who live with their partner first, according to Psychology Today.

However, for those relations that don’t work out, living together leads to a breakup and not a messy divorce. So, maybe there are some benefits — like saving money while living in the San Francisco Bay area.


There is one thought that goes through your mind when you think about moving in together before marriage and what to expect.

It’s the idea of how my life fits in with this new person — all the time.

Let’s look at some of the positive things that come from living together before marriage. First, it’s more economically practical. You don’t pay twice for rent. You don’t have to make two meals each night. And you have someone to split the bills.

Another big benefit is getting to know that person before you say “I Do.”

You might not know they like to watch “Sports Center” at 11 p.m. when you have to get up early for work?

And, who leaves their socks on the bathroom floor for a week?

While the test run is a great way to see how you fit with a partner, there are the cons of the trial too.

One of the first things to address is finances that may not be great when you find out the other person has a ton of credit card debt. Another thing to look at is marriage. You have to decide if that is in the plans. And if that will get put off now that you are living together, according to

Also, you have to look at the fact that some people may not work as hard to save the relationship if you are not married.



It sounds so great, doesn’t it? Living together with the person you care so much about. But there will be times you don’t see eye to eye. This is a big move in your life so why not put some serious thought in this.

One thing you can do if you decide to move in together is hire the best San Francisco moving team. Taking that off your plate and concentrating on what’s really important here is the right move.

This is not only something you should talk about with your partner, but your family also may have some good advice.

Here are a few things to consider. You should decide to move in together and not feel it’s something you have to do. Your success in the relationship may depend on this.

Figure out when you will move and hire a mover in the Bay Area to help ease the process. You should talk about money and who will do the cooking and chores. You should also talk about “me time.” And know that there will be some bumps in the process.

The biggest thing to remember here is to be yourself.

According to Psychology Today, once you move in with your partner you will realize there is nowhere to hide. You might have only eaten a salad when going out, now you are Hoovering an entire bag of cookie dough.

But the hardest parts will come with knowing who you are. If you wake up with anxiety, your partner will see this.

Also ask yourself what it’s like to be with you. They are not perfect, and neither are you.

The last bit of advice is focus on the good. There are so many things that will affect your day, be there for each other.

Isn’t that why you are moving in with each other in the first place?



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