Commercial Moves

Office & Business Moving

Because office and industrial moves require precise coordination, our customer service professionals are trained in selecting the right personnel and the right equipment for your move from a single office to a retail operation, a corporate headquarters, or an industrial complex.

We take an active personal role in your move, providing professional planning and coordination to assure a smooth transition into the new location. On-site inspections of the origin and destination facilities will highlight potential problems to be addressed (elevators, hallways, stairways, etc.) and special equipment requirements so there won’t be any surprises on moving day!

A Nationwide representative will meet your key personnel to outline the moving plan, target dates, procedures, and, if necessary demonstrate simple packing techniques.

An exact schedule is established — we know you need us to meet your deadlines without business interruptions. A numeric/color coded labelling system is employed to coordinate the delivery with layouts and floor plans.