Top Tips for Moving During Summer

We’re approaching peak moving season, as Americans do most of their relocating during summer. This means there are lots of moving trucks on the road. If you decide to relocate during peak moving season, there are a few things you should know. When is peak moving season, anyway?

Summer is moving season in most parts of the country. Did you know 70 percent of all U.S. moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day? Since May through September are the months when movers are in highest demand, it’s important to book a moving company in advance. In many cases, top moving companies – ones that provide moving professionals and trucks – are booked out several months. Don’t wait until the last minute to hire movers: You may find yourself with limited options and restricted dates.

Why is summer the busiest moving season?

There are many reasons why summer is peak moving season. Here are the biggies:

  • Families with kids in school prefer to move over the summer, when school is out. Moving during the school year can interrupt a students’ academic progress and disrupt their after-school activities.
  • Moving in winter can be unpleasant, especially in colder climates. Who wouldn’t choose sunshine over snow? Most will take humidity over dangerous ice.
  • In many places, leases begin and end during the summer. This spurs movement, especially among renters in cities.
  • Summertime is prime moving time on and around college campuses, where leases tend to line up with the academic calendar.
  • All of this is why, as spring arrives, you suddenly see “For Sale” signs pop up around your neighborhood. Which in turn is why, in most areas of the country, home sales reach peak levels in the spring and early summer.

A dozen tips for moving during summer

  1. Pick a date and a mover ASAP – When it comes to moving during the good old summertime, they who hesitate are lost. Book your moving company as soon as you can, ensuring you get the date – and the movers – you want.
  2. Look for discounts – Summer is an expensive time to move. High demand prompts moving companies and truck rental businesses to raise rates. Good news: Sometimes you can find discounts to offset rising costs.
  3. Move in the middle of the week or month – Because demand drops at midweek and mid-month, these are more affordable times to move. If you’re looking for the best rate, try these “off” times rather than a weekend at the end of one month or the beginning of another.
  4. Avoid holidays – Peak moving season includes several holidays – Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day – that are expensive times to move. Why? Limited availability of movers and heavy traffic on the roads, which can create delays. If you must move during summer, avoid holidays.
  5. Hire child care for moving day – Moving is hectic enough, especially during peak moving season, without adding active toddlers and wailing infants to the mix. Make the day easier by arranging for a babysitter. Asking a family member, friend or sitter to mind the little ones during a move just may preserve your sanity.
  6. Travel light to cut costs – The equation is simple: The more stuff you move, the more your move costs. Heavier shipments affect the costs of interstate moves. Plus, more items equal a longer move, which equals a larger bill. One of the benefits of moving is it presents an opportunity to purge things you don’t need. Check out this guide if you’re planning to move plants.
  7. Get ready for the drive – If you’re planning to move yourself, understand that you’re more likely to hit heavy traffic when moving during summer. Consider these preparation strategies: Servicing your vehicle before moving, test-driving the rental truck before taking it on the freeway, planning your route and watching for low bridges and overpasses. A little planning on the front end can avoid headaches down the road.
  8. Stay cool – Peak moving season is hot. Remember to pack a small cooler of bottled water and snacks for your move. Cold washcloths can be life-savers during extreme heat. Wear light clothing and bring a portable fan.
  9. Crank up the AC in advance – You’ll want to stay cool in your new home during the move-in, also. To avoid unnecessary suffering while rearranging the boxes your movers have carried inside, turn on the air conditioning the night before you move. That way, your new home will be tolerable on moving day.
  10. Keep key items cool – One last heat-related tip for your moving day checklist: Computers, tablets and candles shouldn’t be tossed into a box bound for the moving truck. These items require temperature-controlled environments. Make sure you pay attention to expensive-to-replace electronics.
  11. Hire a pet sitter – Because the goal is to prevent stress, let’s make sure neither the dog nor the cat gets loose. There tend to be a lot of open doors on moving day, not to mention lots of distractions. To keep your pets safe at their new home, arrange for a pet sitter to keep an eye on them for the day.

Moving during summer?

Relocating during peak moving season is easier when you have professionals on hand to do the heavy lifting. Our team at North Bay Moving & Storage is ready to help you move, no matter when you need to be at your new home. Get a free moving quote online or give us a call at 800-90-MOVING to start planning your move! Considering moving across the country? Because we are an agent of National Van Lines, we can take you anywhere in the United States!